Beautiful Pomeranian Puppy Named BOO 9:53 AM, Posted by Rudy Hartono , Subscribe to feed reader here

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I wanted to share Boo with everyone… A Pomeranian puppy who undoubtedly takes the cake as being the very beautiful puppy on the face of the planet.

What’s even more noteworthy is that Boo has almost one million friends on Facebook.

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natalieanddogs said...

Boo looks like a stuff toy. She's so sweet and charming. I like her bib, it looks great on her.

Natalie and my pomeranians

BooBoo said...

ADORABLE! Boo, this one's for you.
Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
I love Boo's sweet head,
And his cute body too.

I love Boo so much.
He is too adorable.
Let's cuddle, lil Boo!

MrBroken said...

The owner is the most happiest prson in the world,,,

Hey.! If THAT DOG COULD BEAR PUPPIES, CAN I buy a one Df it,...? Message me!! Im willing,, xD

MrsRynk said...

But he's not a puppy... He's 5 years old and I want him or his doppelganger or his clone!!

ali raza said...

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Mister said...

Very cute. A lot of great pictures. Are you familiar with the site teacup pomeranian? You should see if your guy can be their official mascot!

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rakhi khatun said...

Such a pity that so much dog politics can get in the way of 'pure' dog appreciation! All this info sounds a little familiar to some of what I have read about Schipperkes and the national shows that occur here. Both my dogs are tail-less, (not born that way!) because of the 'standard', I asked if my first dog, just a couple of weeks old then, if they would leave her tail insitu, but apparently they took it on day 3 of her life. Such a shame! Now of course this is illegal and Schipperkes are allowed to keep their tails, and such cute little tails they are! The Border Collie is such a gracious and stunning looking animal. Great post!!! Looking for large dog breeds for families Wondering what large dog breeds are good with kids or would be good for apartments Find out here A complete list of large dog breeds

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